The Science Student

I am a science student
But not your typical physics fluent,
Averse to amusement,
Lover of Newton

I am a science student,
But not your stereotypical nerd,
Against all things mythical,
Hypercritical yet hardly ever original,
Because though analytical, TK’s always been lyrical
With every ink stain, I demonstrate poetry at it’s pinnacle
Dream-killers can’t help but be pained,
Who said the next greatest thing can’t be an African miracle

Incredible, as I put pen to paper, I see a nation stand up and defy its critics
Observer by observer we’re setting new limits,
And each tribe’s in the credits,
‘We made it’,
A redefined Giant of Africa we created,
Against heresies dressed like prophesies,
We stood up,
To a united Nigeria we pledged and we rose up,
Our enemies, we choked up,
We called for our girls and they showed up,
The thieves owned up,
And our plight that was our light, well it took off.

I am science student
But if my lines can cause my people to line up,
I’ll keep writing, till the great examiner tells me it’s time up.

-Tofunmi Kupoluyi


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