The Queen By Tofunmi Kupoluyi

My best friend, my voice of reason,
Uttering advice in and out of season
There was no ceasing to the care she showed me
Bestowed for free, God knows what she sees in me
Why she believes in me, I don’t know
But it’s the reason I’m writing these words with so much ease
Oh yes, it’s her I try to please, so no, these words won’t cease,
The pride I hope to bring to you, just take it as my fees
Cus what I achieve is what you gave God when you went down on two knees
And prayed endlessly for your second born, yes it was you that caused these bees to pollinate my trees
So once again, my honor won’t cease for the one who always sees the greatness in Tofunmi,
Temi and Layomi,
She’s so beautiful, you heard of them African Beauty Queens
She’s the one on whom TK always leans, the one whose blessings he always dreams
And even when it seems, that those dreams may never come true, guess who never leaves?
Guess who still screams from the touch line when supporting our sports teams
And still screams when we’re not living up to God’s dreams,
Trust me, though you may be approaching fifty, you’ll always look like you’re still in your teens
You honestly don’t know how much it means to have someone there for the times you freeze
Who reminds you to breathe,
Who will continue to teach you all you need,
That’s why Mum, one day I hope to repay you for never relenting in grooming your little mustard seed.


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